Hi, dearest guest:

➤Please first review this company’s reservation information. Completing the reservation process is deemed as acceptance of this company’s stipulations.

➤Check-in time is 3 PM and check-out time is 11 noon the following day (check-out time for early morning check-in remains 11noon).  If a late check-out is required, a fee of NT$ 400 per hour will be charged for Standard/Business, and NT$500 per hour for Family Rooms, and NT$1600 per hour for VIP/Premier VIP rooms.

➤Room rate includes a 5% business tax and service charge.  Weekday rates are charged from Sunday to Thursday; Weekend rates are charged on Fridays, Saturdays, National Holidays, and the day prior to National Holidays.  Room rates during Special Holidays will be posted on the onsite bulletin.

➤Each room provides accommodations for only two guests. Business / Family Rooms for third and subsequent guests, an additional NT$600 fee (does not include additional bed but includes breakfast and toiletries) will be charged per guest.  Each room can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests.  Children under 5 years of age are exempt from the above fee.

➤In order to guarantee your reservation, one payment of the total reservation cost in its entirely will be charged.  The only payment method accepted for foreign reservations is payment by credit card (international money transfers not accepted).  The only payment methods accepted for domestic reservations are NT$ in cash, credit card, ATM transfer, and wire transfer.

➤Each bed offers one duvet. One pillow will be given for each persons staying, if you’d like more , an additional fee will be charged(100 NTD per pillow, 200 NTD  per duvet).

➤Each room includes complimentary breakfast for 2.  If guests decline breakfast due to personal reasons, no deduction is provided (breakfast served from 6:30AM – 9:30AM).

➤According to the Tobacco Hazard Prevention Regulations, the entire hotel is a smoke-free environment.

➤Parking lot/garage: Follow the hotel arrangement. Each room has one parking space only. We just provide parking space but not assurance of your vehicle and personal belongings inside.

➤Lost & Found for items left behind in guestrooms:  Please contact the front desk with the date of your stay and room number to facilitate confirmation.  Items will be retained for 1 week and then discarded.

➤This company does not allow pets.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

➤Guest room safety profile: All rooms have passed Fire Department safety inspections, Construction Bureau public safety inspection for buildings, possess 24 hour police connection system, and this company has installed a rigorous internal and external surveillance system.

➤Reminder: Those suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, etc., should avoid extended time in the bath.

➤Pick-up Service:

➤Please inquire/reserve when making room reservations.  Shuttle will be arranged according to reservation sequence.  If the shuttle cannot accommodate your schedule, we offer our sincerest apologies!

➤If cancellation or pick-up time change is required, please notify the hotel 4 hours before the scheduled time.  Otherwise, the hotel will charge the full fee.

➤HSR Station↔HOTEL HI  Up to 4 persons NT$500/pick-up  NT$100 extra for the 5th and subsequent guests up to a maximum of 7 persons

➤Train Station↔HOTEL HI  Up to 4 persons NT$100/pick-up  NT$50 extra for the 5th and subsequent guests up to a maximum of 7 persons

➤Provisions relevant to cancelling or changing reservations:

➤If guests change the check-in date of a confirmed reservation (reservation may be extended 3 months at most) three days (not including the day of check-in) in advance of the check-in date, no additional service fee will be charged.  Each purchase order is limited to one change and the guest representative on the original purchase order cannot be changed.  Cancellation will not be accepted after a change of check-in date.  If the billing amount after the change is more than the total of the original purchase order, guests must remit the difference.

➤If the hotel or the guests’ point of origin is affected by a natural disaster (Act of God) such as inclusion in the warning area where a land typhoon warning is issued, or a major transportation interruption, which causes an inability to check-in as scheduled, please contact this hotel as soon as possible to change or cancel your reservation.  The billing amount will be refunded via wire transfer pending approval from this company.

➤In addition to a natural disaster on the day of check-in, guests can cancel room.